What is Durham City Access For All?

Durham City Access For All is an organisation that advises local agencies, businesses and individuals on how they can make our beautiful city more accessible for everyone, regardless of mobility. We are able to provide help with simple changes that might make all the difference for people with limited mobility when they access their services or premises.

Durham City Access For All works to make Durham accessible Durham City Access For All consists of a wide range of people and representatives

Who are we?

Durham City Access For All is made up of people with disabilities as well as some able bodied members. The group includes people with mobility difficulties including wheelchair users; visually impaired, long cane and guide dog users; hearing impaired representatives; and able bodied representatives of local government and other organisations.

Get involved

Are you a mum with a child in a pushchair? Do you have access problems? We would like to have you with us to help advise local shops, amenities and organisations on improving access around Durham city.

Durham City Access For All welcomes new members

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